Custom Orders 

Would you like to order your own custom piece? Be it a patch, a small run of garments or embroidering directly onto your new favourite piece of clothing, we always love collaborating with different people & companies.
Would you like us to come work at your event? Sure! That can be arranged too! Having live chainstitching at a function is the perfect way to make your event stand out and give people a souvenir to keep them talking about it.

Custom Orders

Please specify what it is that you’d like done, such as stitching on to a garment, making a series of hats, patches, etc

Include rough size (in cm), placement (if on a garment), shape, colours and send over any references you may have. Then you will receive a rough quote and we can take it from there.

Please refer to our Contact page for all custom orders.

Working at an event

If you would like us to come to your event and chainstich live, please specify the date, location, what type of event it is and for how many hours. This way we can rapidly send you a quote and our availability.

Email for all enquiries.

Original Kettenstich

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